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Remarks by Ambassador Gui Congyou at the China-Sweden Literary Forum

Remarks by Ambassador Gui Congyou at the

China-Sweden Literary Forum

4 September 2017

President Gunnar Ardelius,

Vice-President Qian Xiaoqian,

Dear Guests and Friends,

It is my great pleasure to join you at the China Cultural Centre in Stockholm. First of all, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden, I would like to express warm welcome to Mr. Qian Xiaoqian, Vice President of the China Writers Association (CWA), and his delegation, to the China-Sweden Literary Forum in Stockholm. I also thank the Swedish Writers’ Union for inviting the Chinese delegation to visit Sweden for discussion, which has created a new opportunity for exchanges between writers of our two countries.

From ancient to modern times, nations around the world have been profoundly influenced by literary masters and their classics throughout various stages of historical development. In the course of long history, both China and Sweden have produced many outstanding literary masters with a great variety of classics, which have not only enriched our respective cultures, but also made great contribution to the world literature. Many Swedish writers’ works have been translated into major languages including Chinese, such as the novelist and playwright August Strindberg, the poet Tranströmer and the writer of children’s literature Astrid Lindgren. They have had an important impact on the literature worldwide, including Chinese literature. A lot of excellent Chinese literary works have also been translated into various languages, including Swedish, serving as an important platform for readers around the world to understand Chinese culture. In 2012, Mr. Mo Yan, the renowned contemporary Chinese writer and the Vice President of CWA, won the Nobel Prize in Literature, a sign of the flourishing Chinese literature. It is also widely recognized that Mr. Mo Yan’s success is attributed to translators from many countries. Only with the help of translators, Mr. Mo Yan’s works have gained wider international reputation. I am delighted the Swedish translator of Mo Yan’s works Madam Anna Chen has joined us as the moderator of today’s forum.

Literature is a global language. Discussion on literature is virtually discussion on life and society, which is the easiest way to understand each other.

In recent years, cultural exchanges between China and Sweden have been very active. Exchanges in literature especially between writers have been frequent. In the first half of this year, President Gunnar Ardelius led a Swedish delegation and paid a successful visit to Beijing. Today’s forum marks the beginning of a new stage in the exchange and cooperation in literature between our two countries. I am convinced that with further literary exchange and cooperation, the friendship between our two peoples will be deepened and our hearts will be closer, even though we are two countries with different cultural traditions. I firmly believe that literary exchange and cooperation will make greater contribution to promoting the cordial relations between our two countries and peoples.

Finally, I wish the forum a full success.

Thank you.

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