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Raise Our Sail to Brave Winds and Waves

Raise Our Sail to Brave Winds and Waves

- Remarks by H.E. Mr. Chen Yuming, Ambassador of P. R. China to Sweden at the Reception of the 66th Anniversary of the Founding of People's Republic of China and the Visit of the Chinese Navy Fleet to Sweden, 2 October 2015

Mr. Minister Gabriel Wikström,

Mr. State Secretary Jan Salestrand,

Mr. State Secretary Oscar Stenström,

Mr. Commander Wang Jianxun,

Ladies and Gentlemen:

On this fresh day of sunny autumn, when the picturesque scenery cheerfully greets our eyes, we are gathered here to celebrate the 66th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China and the visit of Chinese Navy Fleet to Sweden. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden, I would like to extend my sincere welcome to all the guests present to this "Date on the Deck."

The world now is faced up with serious challenges, old and new, when political circumstances undergo heavy turbulence, large numbers of people become refugees, terrorist threats increase, economy keeps slowing down and financial market fluctuates. What should sailors do when facing strong winds and the waves? We believe that no tributaries can hold back the surging tide of the current era of peace, development and collaboration and that no adversaries can prevent ships from sailing forward. As a faithful defender of peace and a booster of the global economy, China is willing to work with international community to face up the challenges and seize the opportunities for a better future.

We confront the economic challenges. China's economy has improved and is operating stably within a proper range. We will take coordinated steps to achieve stable growth, deepen reform, adjust structure, improve livelihood and prevent risks, while strengthening and innovating macro regulation. We will follow the basic state policy of Opening-up and the basic strategy of the rule of law in governance and will deepen cooperation with countries around the globe in pursuit of common prosperity and development.

We confront international security challenges. 70 years passed since the victory of Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War, but the sword of Damocles of war still hangs over mankind. We should take history’s guidance and learn from the past. Just as President Xi Jinping said in Washington, any attempt to seek domination or hegemony through force is against the historical tide and doomed to failure. The first ever visit of Chinese Navy Fleet to Sweden symbolizes a historical moment. The fleet, which has just successfully accomplished the mission of escort in the Gulf of Aden, has brought with them the profoundly sincere friendship to the people of Sweden, strengthening the mutual trust, and showing firm determination in the defence of sovereignty and world peace.

We embrace the China-Sweden collaboration opportunities of mutual benefits. With deep emotions filling our hearts, we look back at the past 65 years since Chinese-Swedish diplomatic relations were established. The two countries have been forging ahead shoulder to shoulder for the flourishing of the nations and the happiness of their people, whilst looking forward to a promising future when collaboration are carried out in the fields of sustainable development, culture & education, science & technology, innovation development, governance and people to people links. We ought to turn the achievements reached through bilateral exchanges into pragmatic benefits of our peoples, and set up a successful model for mutual learning, win-win cooperation between the countries with different social systems, development models, cultures and traditions.

A famous Chinese poem goes: Swept down are the late autumn leaves; blooming are the February flowers. Although winter approaches in the rustling of the autumn wind, Chinese-Sweden relations and the perspectives of world peace and development are turning towards a bright sunny spring. I sincerely wish a great success for the visit of Chinese Navy Fleet to Sweden. The ship named China, together with the Fleet of the Nations, will raise the sails and brave the waves.

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