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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks

We noticed that according to media reports, in Kurdo Baksi’s testimony in the case of Anna Lindstedt, he claimed that “a Counsellor from the Chinese Embassy in Stockholm participated in relevant dinners”. This is utterly false.

We would like to solemnly state that, the Chinese side has never authorized anyone to “negotiate” with Gui Minhai’s daughter and other people, has no knowledge of the relevant meetings and dinners associated with the case of Anna Lindstedt, and no personnel from the Chinese Embassy in Sweden was ever involved in those occasions.

We are deeply shocked that Baksi could create something out of nothing, fabricate and peddle an out-and-out lie in broad daylight. It only shows that Baksi has zero respect for facts.

We strongly condemn Baksi’s outright lies, and urge him to have at least the minimum morality of a person and immediately make corrections to his lies. We reserve the right to take further actions on the lies.

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