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Ambassador Gui Congyou Had a Phone Call with Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden Ann Linde on Combating COVID-19

On 20 March, Ambassador Gui Congyou had a phone call with Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden Ann Linde on combating COVID-19.

Minister Linde expressed condolences and sympathies to the Chinese people that are affected by the epidemic.

Ambassador Gui updated Minister Linde about the latest progress of China’s efforts to combat COVID-19. Ambassador Gui said, since the outbreak, under the strong leadership of President Xi Jinping, the whole country and all Chinese people worked together in unity and adopted the most stringent, comprehensive and thorough measures, which has yielded important progress for the current stage. It has been a few days that there was “zero growth” in the number of new confirmed and suspected cases in China’s mainland. Resumption of production and work is accelerating across China. We are confident that a final victory against the epidemic will be secured soon, and 1.4 billion Chinese people will fully resume their normal work and life.

Ambassador Gui said, our Embassy has been in close communication with Swedish authorities and experts. We have provided prevention and control guidelines and COVID-19 Treatment Plan (7th Edition) to the Swedish side, and Chinese experts and Karolinska Institutet experts are also in close contact. Yesterday, Chinese Government officials and experts invited government officials and experts from Sweden and some other European countries to hold a video conference on epidemic prevention and control, which strengthens our communication and cooperation on combating COVID-19.

Ambassador Gui said, there are many local Chinese people and students in Sweden. Our Embassy has been working diligently to protect their health, safety and legitimate rights and interests. It is hoped that the Swedish side will attach more importance to protecting their health, safety and legitimate rights and interests, and take up the responsibility to protect and treat them.

Ambassador Gui said, recently Expressen and SVD published articles that slandered China’s efforts to fight the disease and tried to stigmatize China. Such behaviors not only run against professional recommendations of WHO, but also against solidarity of the international community and global efforts to combat the disease. They are extremely irresponsible and immoral. It is hoped that the Swedish Government will take a just position, explicitly oppose any actions that politicize the epidemic, label the virus and stigmatize China.

Minister Linde said, the whole of Sweden is working to combat COVID-19. We are in close communication with Nordic and EU colleagues. We value the contact with the Chinese side, and understand that the Chinese Embassy has maintained communication with Swedish authorities and Karolinska Institutet since the outbreak. Countries working together is ever more important to address the epidemic. The Swedish Government will approach the situation in a scientific manner, and work to protect the health, safety and legitimate rights and interests of all people in Sweden, including Chinese nationals and students.

Ambassador Gui said, as the situation in China continues to improve, the Chinese side is capable and willing to export medical supplies to countries in need. The Swedish side may inform us if it needs to purchase such supplies, and our Embassy is willing to facilitate.

Minister Linde said, Foreign Ministers of the five Nordic countries just concluded a video meeting on working together to combat COVID-19, where the idea of purchasing medical supplies from China was proposed.

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