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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on an Interview Report of SVT

We noticed that on 18 January SVT broadcast a brief version of an interview with Ambassador Gui Congyou and published a related article. We will not make comments about how SVT selectively published part of the interview according to what it wants.

However, we hope SVT could report what Ambassador Gui said during the interview objectively and accurately. The article said that “China’s ambassador has invited many reporters at, among others, Aftonbladet, SVT and SvD for personal meetings and lunches where comments were made on the journalistic coverage”, which is simply not factual. What Ambassador Gui answered during the interview to the question was “All my interactions with Swedish journalists are either like this conversation we are having or me receiving an interview at a Swedish press office. I do not recall having dinners or lunches with Swedish journalists. But of course if the two of you would accord me with such an opportunity, I would welcome it very much.” The full text of the interview is published on the website of the Embassy. We express discontent over the distortion of facts in the SVT report, and we hope SVT will make correction immediately.

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