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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on the Absurd Claims on China by Some People from KDU

We are shocked by the recent article on China written by some people from KD Youth League on Swedish media, which is filled with lies and absurd claims and has absolutely no rationality. 

Though the claims in the article are too absurd to be refuted, considering such words and deeds have a sinister political agenda to smear China and poison China-Sweden relations, it is imperative for us to solemnly condemn them and clarify the facts. China has always been committed to developing friendly cooperative relations with all countries on the basis of equality, mutual respect and non-interference in each other's internal affairs, and has been committed to maintaining peace, stability and development of the world. To label China as a "threat" has absolutely no legitimacy. China never puts itself on a pedestal or patronizes other countries, and never does things that hurt the interests or interferes in the internal affairs of other countries. At the same time we will never allow others to hurt China's interests. Taiwan and Hong Kong are inseparable parts of Chinese territories, and any attempt to propagate splitting China or damaging the sovereignty, security and development interests of China will only lead to a dead end. We advise those people from KDU to abandon bias and hostility, return to common sense and rationality, start acting on the fundamental interests of Sweden and the Swedish people, stop droning on and on and smearing against China, and stop doing things that damage relations between China and Sweden. Otherwise it is Sweden and the Swedish people's interests that will be affected.

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