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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on the "Open Letter" by Swedish Publishers' Association

We noticed that the Swedish Publishers’ Association recently published an “open letter” on Swedish media, which made ungrounded accusations that China “controls freedom of speech”. Such false accusations are completely not worth refuting.

Gui Minhai is a criminal that violated laws in China, and it is entirely legitimate that the Chinese police handles the case according to law, which has nothing to do with freedom of speech. The Gui Minhai case is an individual consular case between China and Sweden. The foreign services of China and Sweden have been in close communication with each other over the case. Some individuals and forces in Sweden attempt to politicize the case, and interfere in China’s internal affairs and judicial sovereignty through politically manipulating the case. Their schemes will never work. We advise them to have more courage, abandon cold-war mentality, clear their heads of ideological bias and prejudice, and stop staying in a world that they imagined. We advise them to look at the real world, open their eyes to look at how the Chinese people enjoy broad and full rights, and hear what the Chinese people say.

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