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The Chinese Embassy Spokesperson: Firmly Oppose Ill-Intentioned "Apologies"

We noticed that on the night of 28 September, another so-called "apology" was made by the program leader of SVT's Svenska Nyheter. After the China-insulting program was aired, the program staff refused to apologize at first, then issued an "apology to the individuals that felt offended", and tonight we heard "an apology to the individuals in China and Sweden that felt wounded". These "apologies" have no seriousness or sincerity at all. They have evaded the racist nature of the program, ignored the sinophobic contents and insults on China, and disregarded the harm to the national sentiment and dignity of China. Now the program has deliberately and viciously attacked the Chinese Government, and attempted to put the Chinese people against the Chinese Government, which is extremely ill-motivated. The Chinese Government enjoys full support of the nearly 1.4 billion Chinese people. It firmly upholds China's state sovereignty and national dignity, and safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of every Chinese citizen. Any attempt to put the Chinese people against the Chinese Government is futile. We firmly oppose such ill-intentioned "apologies".

As an old Chinese saying goes, it is a big virtue to be able to make correction when one has done something wrong. We once again strongly urge SVT and Svenska Nyheter program staff to face squarely the solemn protest of the Chinese side, refrain from going further down the wrong path, and immediately apologize to China and the Chinese people in a serious and sincere manner.

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