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Ambassador Gui Congyou Visits Falköping

During 16-17 April, Ambassador Gui Congyou visited Falköping upon invitation, during which he met with Mayor Dan Gabrielsson, Mr. Bijerkheide, Chairman of the Culture and Tourism Committee of the City Council, Mr. Larsson, President of the City Enterprises Association, and Mr. Bragnå, President of the City Cultural Association. He also visited Falbygdens Osteria, a local cheese company. Han Xiaodong, Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy, and Pu Zhengdong, Cultural Counsellor, attended the visit.

Ambassador Gui commended the Falköping municipal government for actively promoting cooperation with China and organizing many China-Sweden cultural exchange activities over the years, which has improved the Falköping citizens’ understanding of and friendship towards China and created a good condition for the development of China-Sweden relations and pragmatic cooperation. As an important agricultural area in Sweden, Falköping has rich experience in development of rural areas and the agricultural industry, and protection of agricultural environment. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China outlined the implementation of the rural vitalization strategy and the establishment of industrial, production, and business operation systems for modern agriculture. China is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Falköping, so that the two sides can learn from each other and promote the further development of the bilateral relations.

Mayer Gabrielsson said that Falköping attaches great importance to international cooperation and China is its first choice as economic, trade, and cultural partners. In recent years, Chinese art troupes of Peking Opera and Shandong Folk Customs have visited Falköping and brought rich Chinese cultural feasts to the locals. The municipal government also successfully organized local art groups to visit and perform in China. The Falköping municipal government stands ready to take cultural exchanges as the first step and actively explore cooperation opportunities with China in economy and trade.

At Falbygdens Osteria, Ambassador Gui was briefed by its CEO Mr. Bengtsson on the company’s history and the development of the Swedish dairy industry. Ambassador Gui also visited the company’s Cheese Storage, Packaging and Distribution Center. Mr. Bengtsson said Falköping is the center of the Swedish cheese industry, with more than half of the country's cheese being produced here. He also said Swedish cheese is rich in nutrition and that he is willing to export it to China.

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