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Ambassador Gui Congyou gives a written interview with Swedish Television

On 19 Feb 2018, Ambassador Gui Congyou gave a written interview with Swedish Television reporter Lars Moberg. Ambassador Gui first extended to Mr. Moberg, who worked in China a few years ago, and his family Chinese New Year’s greetings and best wishes, and answered the written questions raised by Mr. Moberg as follows:

On 9 February, Gui Minhai gave a voluntary interview to several media on the crimes he committed in China and expressed remorse and regrets for his repeated serious violation of Chinese laws. As to the questions you raised, Gui Minhai himself has given detailed explanations in the interview, which can be found from relevant media. If needed, we would also be happy to provide you with the materials on the interview.

Gui Minhai is now detained by the Ningbo Public Security Bureau at the Ningbo Detention Center. Like Sweden, China is a country ruled by law. All people in China, including foreigners, shall not violate Chinese laws. All people are equal before the law, with no exceptions. Ningbo Public Security Bureau will handle the case in accordance with law and legal procedures, on the basis of facts and taking the law as the criterion. Your questions, including if he will be put on trial and what are the accusations against him, shall be answered by law.

I have maintained close communication with the colleagues of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the case of Gui Minhai. China will safeguard Gui Minhai's lawful rights according to law, and respect his own wills. China handles in accordance with law the Swedish side’s request for a consular visit to Gui Minhai and providing medical services. Hopefully that the Swedish side can also respect Gui Minhai's own wills.

China and Sweden have maintained traditional friendship and the bilateral relations have been developing steadily. But it’s inevitable that some problems may arise. On the premise of handling the case in accordance with law, China stands ready to work with the Swedish side through friendly consultations to handle Gui Minhai’s case properly on the basis of the principles of mutual respect and equality.

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