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Ambassador Gui Congyou Meets with State Secretary to the Swedish Minister for Defence

On October 17, Ambassador Gui Congyou met with Mr. Jan Salestrand, State Secretary to the Swedish Minister for Defence, at the Swedish Ministry of Defence.

Ambassador Gui said that as a Nordic country with important regional influence, Sweden was the first Western country to establish with China diplomatic ties which led to long-term friendly cooperation between the two sides. In recent years, China-Sweden relations developed steadily and cooperation in various fields kept moving forward. Military cooperation is an important component of China-Sweden relations. The two armed forces have maintained high-level exchanges and continued to strengthen cooperation.

Ambassador Gui stressed that both China and Sweden were peace-loving countries, pursued nonalignment policy and participated actively in international peacekeeping operations, which formed a good basis for cooperation. The current international security situation is complicated and ever-changing, and traditional and non-traditional threats are intertwined. China and Sweden should strengthen cooperation in fields of international peacekeeping, escort, counter-terrorism, emergency handling, and humanitarian rescue, and safeguard world peace and stability together.

Mr. Salestrand welcomed Ambassador Gui to assume office in Sweden and said Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's successful visit to China earlier this year further promoted sound development of relations between the two countries, and bilateral cooperation in various fields such as economy and trade and environmental protection kept deepening. He expressed his appreciation for the important contributions made by Chinese armed forces to international peacekeeping, and said that Sweden attached importance to its military relationship with China and stood ready to strengthen high-level exchanges and cooperation in peacekeeping and other areas, to further enhance friendly relations between the two armed forces and jointly maintain regional and world security.

The two sides also exchanged views on international and regional issues of common interest.

Senior Colonel Xu Jun, Chinese Defence Attaché to Sweden, attended the meeting.

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