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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on the Absurd Claims by Björn Jerdén

We noticed the recent remarks by Mr. Björn Jerdén when he was interviewed by SVT. We would like to solemnly point out that what he said was all absurd claims, and it is using one's own bad motives to judge others.

Let us take a look at what was said about China by the journalists, researchers and so-called “human rights activists” referred to by Mr. Jerdén. Those comments constitute groundless accusations, smear and attack against China, which damage China’s core interests of sovereignty, security and development and its national image. Their words only reflect their ignorance, arrogance and bias towards China. Our prompt clarification and refutation on such comments are to help them understand the truth, discard arrogance and bias, and return to normal and rational thinking.

Mr. Jerdén has no interest to visit the Mainland of China or see the real situation there, but is very keen on making judgments and pointing fingers on China. We cannot help but ask, where did he get his absurd claims on China?

Undoubtedly, if there are more such absurd claims in the future, we will continue to clarify and refute.

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