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The Chinese Embassy Spokesperson: Incitement of Hatred Based Completely on Lies

We have noticed that Magnus Fiskesjö, in his recent article on Expressen, once again made groundless accusations and slanders against the Chinese Government and its Xinjiang-related policy, based on made-up lies and hidden political purpose. Magnus Fiskesjö has long been anti-China, and has fabricated different kinds of absurd statements under the titles of “sinologist” and “professor”, to slander and demonize China in every possible way he can think of. What he has done is provoking hatred in the name of freedom of speech, which we will never accept and firmly oppose. Magnus Fiskesjö’s statements are not worth refutation at all, but to stop Swedish people who don’t know the truth from being cheated and blinded by the likes of Magnus Fiskesjö, we would like to solemnly present our position as follows:

Since ancient times, Xinjiang has been an inalienable part of Chinese territory. It has been home to various ethnic groups including Uygur, Han, Kazakh, Hui, Kyrgyz and Mongol peoples. The languages and cultures, freedom of religious belief and basic rights of all ethnic groups are fully protected in accordance with the law. Xinjiang faces serious threats of ethnic separatism, religious extremism and violent terrorism. Double standards must not be allowed when it comes to anti-terrorism and de-radicalization. The vocational education and training centers are institutions established according to law in order to eradicate extremism, and they have played an important role in maintaining and promoting stability and development in Xinjiang. The measures adopted by the Chinese Government in Xinjiang to counter terrorism and eradicate extremism have been welcomed by the people of all ethnic groups there. There has not been a single violent terrorist attack in Xinjiang in more than two years. We once again urge the likes of Magnus Fiskesjö to stop making up lies and inciting hatred. We urge relevant media outlets to abide by journalistic ethics, conduct objective and fair reporting, and not to provide platforms for false, anti-China political propaganda.

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