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The Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks: A Smear Campaign and Attack Based on the Logic of Hegemony and Vicious Political Agenda

We have noticed the so-called statement by the Reporters Without Borders on 18 March, which groundlessly smeared and attacked the Chinese Embassy in Sweden and claimed that "diplomatic missions have no say in the editorial content of media in their host country". It is a display of blatant logic of hegemony and dictatorship of expression, which once again exposes the consistent hypocrisy and vicious political agenda of this organization.

Though the above-mentioned statement is not worth refuting at all, the Chinese Embassy in Sweden would like to solemnly reiterate that we have no intention to interfere with the freedom of press and expression in Sweden, and have always hoped that the coverage of China by Swedish media will be fact-based and abide by professional ethics. Any unprejudiced person and organization that does not see the matter through colored glasses can tell that what we are doing is candidly communicating with Swedish media in keeping with the principle of freedom of press and expression and in an open and constructive way, to present facts and state our positions, instead of "attacks" or "censorship". Freedom of press and expression should in no way be used as a pass or prerogative by some people and organizations to harm other countries. We will continue to stand for our right to speak, continue the friendly communication with Swedish media and present to the Swedish public an objective and real China as it is.

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