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The Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks: China Has No Intention or Interest in Threatening Any Country

We have noticed that recently relevant Swedish agency published a report claiming that China poses “security threat” to Sweden, and some media used the report to hype up the “China threat theory”. Without any factual ground, these claims are sheer speculations and totally irresponsible, which we firmly oppose.

China is firmly committed to a peaceful development path, and has no intention or interest in threatening any country. Only those stuck in a mentality of hegemonism will see the progress of other countries as a “threat” to themselves. Investment and trade cooperation between China and Sweden is conducted under the sunlight and mutually beneficial, which has brought tangible benefits to Sweden. Smearing Chinese investment as a “security risk” without providing any actual evidence will only harm the innocent.

The Chinese side once again urges relevant Swedish organizations to look at China’s development objectively and fairly, stop “assumption of evil” and “presumption of guilt” on China, stop groundless accusations and slanders against China, and stop playing up the “China threat theory”.

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