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The Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks:China and the Chinese People Brook No Indignity or Insult

We have noticed that on 30 January, some forces and people with strong bias and hostility against China once again spoke for Gui Minhai, a person who have committed serious crimes in both China and Sweden. They demanded that China release Gui Minhai and recklessly smeared and attacked China, which we firmly oppose.

Whether or not the Swedish side deals with the serious crimes Gui Minhai committed in Sweden according to law, we have no intention to interfere. But we will never allow anyone to interfere in the Chinese side’s tackling the case of Gui Minhai in accordance with law and legal procedure. This case has nothing to do with the freedom of speech. Rather, the key point is whether some Swedish forces and people respect the rule of law and China’s judicial sovereignty.

As to whether China protects the freedom of speech or human rights, and what a country China is, it is the 1.4 billion Chinese people who have the greatest say. Every Chinese knows that its police will never toss newly-arrived foreign tourists, let alone old ones, at a desolate graveyard in the early morning according to the so-called “standard local procedure”. Still less will China’s national television station use “freedom of speech” ,“humor”, or “irony”as a fig leaf for publicly advocating racism and wantonly insulting other countries.

China and the Chinese people welcome constructive suggestions and well-intentioned criticism, and stand ready to develop friendly exchanges and cooperation with Sweden and all other countries on the basis of mutual respect and equality. But we would solemnly warn some forces and people that China is no longer the country in the past that was bullied and dictated by others. China and the Chinese people brook no indignity or insult.

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