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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks:The Agenda of the Likes of Kurdo Baksi to Instigate Confrontation and Damage Relations between China and Sweden Will Never Succeed

Kurdo Baksi, a man who runs at the front of the anti-China forces in Sweden, is in the habit of calling black white on the case of Gui Minhai. By arbitrarily making up rumors and lies, Kurdo Baksi painted Gui Minhai, a person who has committed serious crimes in both China and Sweden, as a “human rights activist”. On 18 January in the Culture edition of Svenska Dagbladet (SvD), Kurdo Baksi resumed his old tricks of distorting and fabricating facts, falsely alleging that Gui Minhai was “kidnapped” , “forced to make a confession on TV”, “denied a lawyer and a trial”, and “detained in a underground prison somewhere in China”. He went on to unscrupulously instigate confrontation between Sweden and China, attempting to undermine the relations between the two countries.

As we have pointed out multiple times, China is a country of rule of law, and the Chinese side has always dealt with the case of Gui Minhai and safeguarded his legitimate rights according to Chinese laws. Gui Minhai is currently detained, in accordance with law, in a detention center in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. There has never been any “underground prison” in China. The Chinese side and the Swedish side have maintained effective communication on the case of Gui Minhai. Last August, at the request of the Swedish side, the Chinese side arranged for a Swedish doctor to see Gui Minhai in China. The Swedish doctor agreed with the previous diagnosis of the Chinese doctors and confirmed that Gui Minhai is in good health both physically and mentally.

China is an independent sovereign state. It is no longer the country back in the second half of the 19th century that was bullied and dictated by Western powers. We are willing to develop ties with all other countries on the basis of equality and mutual respect. We will not act provocatively, but will not hide from provocations either, let alone accept being bullied or extorted by any country or anti-China forces. Sweden is the first Western country to establish diplomatic ties with China. We are confident that the friendship between our two peoples and the bilateral relations will not be dictated or ruined by the likes of Kurdo Baksi.

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