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The Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on Taiwan-related Article Published by NWT

Recently Swedish newspaper NWT published a Taiwan-related article, which blatantly refers to Taiwan as a “country”, alleges that China’s Mainland “isolates” Taiwan internationally and calls for support for the “free China on Taiwan”. We would like to solemnly point out that the content in the article breaches the basic principle of Sweden’s foreign policies and norms governing international relations, and grossly infringes on China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The Chinese Embassy has sent a letter to NWT stating our firm opposition and the position of the Chinese side as follows:

There is but one China in the world. The Government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legal government representing the whole China, and Taiwan is an inseparable part of China. This has been universally recognized by the international community. All Taiwan-related issues must be handled in accordance with the one China principle, which is common consensus of the international community including Sweden, and enshrined in Resolution 2758 adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1971, and represents a strong desire of the people and an unstoppable trend of the times. Taiwan-related issues, which represent China’s core interests including its sovereignty and territorial integrity, are of essential importance to sound and steady growth of China-Sweden relations. The article published on NWT supporting “Taiwan independence” seriously misleads its readers and will only cause negative impact on the friendship between China and Sweden.

We hope that NWT will distinguish truth from falsehood, follow the one China principle, respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and immediately correct the mistakes. We hope that NWT will refrain from going against the trend of the times and avoid other situations where the one China principle is violated.

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