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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on SVD's Article About China

Recently, the SVD published an article by Foreign Policy Spokesperson of the Left Party Håkan Svenneling. The article made unfounded accusations against China’s human rights situation, slandered China’s Xinjiang and asked Sweden to pressure China. The article is filled with bias, smears the Chinese Government, and interferes in China’s internal affairs, which we firmly oppose. We would like to state the position of the Chinese side as follows:

Human rights and democracy are a common pursuit of all mankind. The Communist Party of China and Chinese Government have always pursued the protection and development of human rights as one of their major goals, worked to continuously develop people’s socialist democracy and made historic achievements acknowledged around the world. China and Sweden have the same goal and direction of safeguarding and developing human rights. We are willing to conduct exchanges, learn from each other and make progress together on social governance and human rights with all countries including Sweden, on the basis of equality and mutual respect. But we firmly oppose drawing lines according to ideology, provoking political confrontation with human rights issues and interfering in other countries’ internal affairs. Gui Minhai committed serious crimes in China, and the Chinese competent authorities are handling the case according to law and procedures with his legitimate rights and interests protected according to law.

Xinjiang enjoys overall stability, harmony among ethnic groups, economic development and social progress. People of all ethnic groups are make concerted efforts for a better life. It is a common wish of all ethnic groups to maintain long-term stability and security of Xinjiang. Such stability and security is the most important human right of all ethnic groups of Xinjiang, as it serves their fundamental interests. In contrast, the most severe and realistic challenge of Xinjiang is terrorism, violence and separatist activities. A number of measures are being implemented in Xinjiang to promote stability, development, unity and a better life of the people. These measures, taken strictly according to law, including China’s criminal law and anti-terrorism law, are also aimed at fighting religious extremism, separatist and violent criminal activities, safeguarding national security and protecting the life and properties of the people. Terrorism is an enemy of all mankind. The arguments against China’s lawful and effective measures to fight religious extremism and terrorism and maintain stability have little ground. They are a thinly-veiled display of double standards.

Sweden is the first Western country to establish diplomatic ties with China, and the two countries have a long-term friendship and enormous potential in cooperation in various fields. It is a shared aspiration of the Chinese and Swedish people and a mainstream consensus of different sectors of the Swedish society to actively develop friendly cooperation between the two countries, which China has always been committed to. The article of Håkan Svenneling goes against basic facts and the efforts of China and Sweden to advance bilateral relations. We hope the Left Party will look at China fairly and objectively, and play a positive role in promoting friendship and cooperation between China and Sweden. We also hope SVD will cover China fairly and objectively, and publish the letter of the Chinese Embassy. Our Embassy is ready to have dialogues with SVD and its readers in a positive and constructive manner.

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