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The Chinese Embassy Spokesperson: Never Accept a Hypocritical "Apology" 

We noticed the so-called "apology" by SVT's Svenska Nyheter program manager Thomas Hall on 26 September on the program insulting China. We must solemnly point out that Hall failed to reflect on the attack on China and the gross racial discrimination against the Chinese people. Nor did he ever reflect on and apologize for the mistake for publishing a map of China where China's Taiwan province and some part of the Tibet region were missing. Such an "apology" is insincere, hypocritical and without any real intention. It is an attempt to gloss over the fault and muddle through. We once again strongly demand SVT and the Svenska Nyheter's program staff to stop using excuses such as "original intention", "message lost" or "cultural crash" to cover up and stop committing more mistakes. We once again strongly urge SVT and the Svenska Nyheter's program staff to sincerely apologize to the entire Chinese people and overseas Chinese community, and make a serious commitment to rejecting racism completely.

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