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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on TT's Article on China's Tibet

We have noticed that on 9 September TT published an article, “Inför Dalai lamas besök: ‘Han är allt’”, in which anti-China “Tibetan Independence” separatists claimed Tibetan people were “discriminated” and “cannot have Tibetan language education or talk freely about politics and religion”. The claims are filled with falsehoods, ignorance and bias and aim to smear China, which is unacceptable. The Embassy has sent a letter to TT to express firm opposition, and presents China’s Solemn position as follows:

Dalai Lama is not a “religious leader”, rather he is a political exile under the camouflage of religion that attempts to split Tibet from China. He has never been a “peace promoter”. Rather he was behind multiple violent unrests and riots in Tibet. China firmly opposes the anti-China separatist activities by Dalai Lama in any name or capacity and in any country, opposes any form of contact with Dalai Lama by government officials of any country, and opposes any form of support for Dalai Lama’s anti-China activities by any organization. We hope some Swedish individuals will see his anti-China separatist nature and not be deceived and exploited by him.

Since the peaceful liberation in 1951, Tibet has achieved significant transformation, with sound and steady economic development, overall social harmony and better livelihood enjoyed by all ethnic groups. Life expectancy increased to 68 years from 35.5 years in 1959, and population in Tibet has increased from one million to 3.12 million. There are 1,787 sites for different religious activities in Tibet, and more than 46,000 resident monks and nuns. In Tibet Autonomous Region, religious festivals are celebrated in the same way they always were. Religious activities of Tibetan and other ethnic groups are also carried out according to their traditions.

The Tibetan language has been effectively protected and carried forward through education and use. Mandarin and Tibetan languages are both taught at Tibetan schools. There are now 30,642 bilingual teachers in kindergartens, primary and middle schools, and 5,800 teachers of Tibetan language in primary and middle schools. Tibet People's Broadcasting Station broadcasts 42 Tibetan-language programs (including Kangba language) each day, including more than 21 hours of news in Tibetan language.

These facts prove that China has made great achievements in protecting the rights and interests of ethnic minorities. The attempts of the Dalai group to undermine national unity and split China under the cloak of religion have nothing to do with “religious belief” or “ethnic cultural traditions”. These attempts are nothing but political behaviors intended to divide China. There are delegations from China’s Tibet that regularly visit Sweden and other European countries for friendly exchanges. If certain Swedish forces and media truly care about Tibet, they may well talk with the delegations, and the Embassy is ready to assist.

We sincerely hope that TT will take an objective perspective on China, instead of looking at China through colored glasses and smearing China based on the lies of anti-China separatists. We hope TT will have the courage to publish our letter so as to let the readers know the truth. The Embassy is willing to conduct constructive dialogues with TT and its readers to present an objective, complete and real China and China’s Tibet.

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