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Ambassador Gui Congyou Attends Online Briefing on COVID-19 Held by Sweden

On 29 May, Ambassador Gui Congyou attended an online briefing on COVID-19 held by Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde and Minister for Health and Social Affairs Lena Hallengren for ambassadors in Stockholm.

Minister Linde and Minister Hallengren respectively gave a briefing on the epidemic situation in Sweden, Sweden’s anti-epidemic measures and participation in international cooperation. Minister Linde said, the global pandemic response needs international cooperation based on multilateralism, international mechanism and free flow of medical supplies. Sweden supports the central role of WHO in global efforts on COVID-19, and will strengthen international cooperation and international development cooperation to fight the pandemic.

Ambassador Gui said, we express sympathies for the people affected by COVID-19 in Sweden, and extend deep condolences to the loss of lives. We thank Sweden’s support and help for China’s response, and support the efforts by the Swedish government and people. We hope the epidemic in Sweden will end soon, and the Chinese side is willing to do what we can to provide support and help. The Chinese side applauds Sweden’s support for the central role of WHO in global pandemic response, and is willing to work with Sweden to increase support to WHO to strengthen international cooperation against COVID-19.

Minister Linde said, we thank our good cooperation with China. Sweden is confident in the WHO. It is our common goal to stop the spread of the virus and save more lives. Sweden holds the same position with China in this regard.

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