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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson: Source-tracing of COVID-19 Must Follow Scientific and Professional Opinions

DI journalist Johan Nylander’s recent article claimed that “COVID-19 is Made in China”. It is an attempt to link the virus with a specific country or region, and to politicize the complicated scientific matter of source-tracing of the virus. It is not only a contempt to science, but moreover at a time when the world is united in the war against the pandemic, has exposed the writer’s narrow mentality and disrespect for human life. We strongly condemn and firmly oppose it. The publishing of such an anti-science article by Di is highly irresponsible.

The source-tracing of COVID-19 is a complicated scientific matter, which requires following scientific and professional opinions. Our battle against the virus has nothing to do with social systems or geopolitics. We urge Johan Nylander and some Swedish media to stay true to science, stop stigmatization and truly do something useful for the efforts to defeat COVID-19 in Sweden and globally.

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